Before You Start to Code
Exposing Apache::Registry Secrets
Namespace Issues
Perl Specifics in the mod_perl Environment
CHECK and INIT Blocks
Apache::Registry Specifics
Transition from mod_cgi Scripts to Apache Handlers
Loading and Reloading Modules
Handling the "User Pressed Stop Button" Case
Handling Server Timeout Cases and Working with $SIG{ALRM}
Generating Correct HTTP Headers
Method Handlers: The Browse and See, Browse and View Example

This is the most important chapter of this book. In this chapter, we cover all the nuances the programmer should know when porting an existing CGI script to work under mod_perl, or when writing one from scratch.

This chapter's main goal is to teach the reader how to think in mod_perl. It involves showing most of the mod_perl peculiarities and possible traps the programmer might fall into. It also shows you some of the things that are impossible with vanilla CGI but easily done with mod_perl.