There are several variables you can use to modify the behavior of Apache::Status:

PerlSetVar StatusOptionsAll On
This single directive will enable all of the options described below.

PerlSetVar StatusDumper On
When you are browsing symbol tables, you can view the values of your arrays, hashes, and scalars with Data::Dumper.

PerlSetVar StatusPeek On
With this option On and the Apache::Peek module installed, functions and variables can be viewed in Devel::Peekstyle.

PerlSetVar StatusLexInfo On
With this option On and the B::LexInfo module installed, subroutine lexical variable information can be viewed.

PerlSetVar StatusDeparse On
With this option On and B::Deparse version 0.59 or higher (included in Perl 5.005_59+), subroutines can be "deparsed." Options can be passed to B::Deparse::new like so:

PerlSetVar StatusDeparseOptions "-p -sC"

See the B::Deparse manpage for details.

PerlSetVar StatusTerse On
With this option On, text-based optree graphs of subroutines can be displayed, thanks to B::Terse.

PerlSetVar StatusTerseSize On
With this option On and the B::TerseSize module installed, text-based optree graphs of subroutines and their sizes can be displayed. See the B::TerseSize documentation for more info.

PerlSetVar StatusTerseSizeMainSummary On
With this option On and the B::TerseSize module installed, a "Memory Usage" submenu will be added to the Apache::Status main menu. This option is disabled by default, as it can be rather CPU-intensive to summarize memory usage for the entire server. It is strongly suggested that this option be used only with a development server running in -X mode, as the results will be cached.

Remember to preload B::TerseSize in httpd.conf and make sure that it's loaded after Apache::Status:

PerlModule Apache::Status
PerlModule B::Terse
PerlSetVar StatusGraph On
When StatusDumper (see above) is enabled, another submenu, "OP Tree Graph," will be present with the dump if this configuration variable is set to On.

This requires the B module (part of the Perl compiler kit) and the B::Graph module, Version 0.03 or higher, to be installed along with the dot program. dot is part of the graph-visualization toolkit from AT&T (

WARNING: Some graphs may produce very large images, and some graphs may produce no image if B::Graph's output is incorrect.

There is more information about Apache::Status in its manpage.