Practical mod_perl by Stas Bekman and Eric Cholet

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The book was published in May 2003 by O'Reilly and Associates:

        Practical mod_perl
        By Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet
        May 2003
        0-596-00227-0, Order Number: 2270
        924 pages, $49.95 US, $77.95 CA, 35.50 UK 

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Table of Contents


Part I: mod_perl Administration

Chapter 1: Introducing CGI and mod_perl
Chapter 2: Getting Started Fast
Chapter 3: Installing mod_perl
Chapter 4: mod_perl Configuration
Chapter 5: Web Server Control, Monitoring, Upgrade, and Maintenance
Chapter 6: Coding with mod_perl in Mind

Part II: mod_perl Performance

Chapter 7: Identifying Your Performance Problems
Chapter 8: Choosing a Platform for the Best Performance
Chapter 9: Essential Tools for Performance Tuning
Chapter 10: Improving Performance with Shared Memory and Proper Forking
Chapter 11: Tuning Performance by Tweaking Apache's Configuration
Chapter 12: Server Setup Strategies
Chapter 13: TMTOWTDI: Convenience and Habit Versus Performance
Chapter 14: Defensive Measures for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 15: Improving Performance Through Build Options
Chapter 16: HTTP Headers for Optimal Performance

Part III: Databases and mod_perl

Chapter 17: Databases Overview
Chapter 18: mod_perl Data-Sharing Techniques
Chapter 19: DBM and mod_perl
Chapter 20: Relational Databases and mod_perl

Part IV: Debugging and Troubleshooting

Chapter 21: Error Handling and Debugging
Chapter 22: Troubleshooting mod_perl
Chapter 23: Getting Help and Online Resources

Part V: mod_perl 2.0

Chapter 24: mod_perl 2.0: Installation and Configuration
Chapter 25: Programming for mod_perl 2.0

Part VI: Appendixes

Appendix A: mod_perl Recipes
Appendix B: Apache Perl Modules
Appendix C: ISPs Providing mod_perl Services
Appendix D: The Template Toolkit
Appendix E: The AxKit XML Application Server
Appendix F: HTTP Status Codes