Part I. mod_perl Administration

The first part of this book is about mod_perl administration. Here you'll find everything you need to do to get mod_perl running, from installation to configuration to the nuances of programming in a mod_perl environment.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to mod_perl and how it works within the Apache framework.

Chapter 2 is a whirlwind description of how to get started with mod_perl quickly. Most programmers aren't satisfied just reading a book; they want to start programming right away. This chapter helps you build a working mod_perl environment with minimal fuss.

Chapter 3 contains everything we left out of Chapter 2.

Chapter 4 is about how to configure mod_perl for your specific needs.

Chapter 5 covers how to run a mod_perl-enabled server and keep it running smoothly.

Chapter 6 contains the essential information for programming under mod_perl.