Emulating the Authentication Mechanism
Reusing Data from POST Requests
Redirecting POST Requests
Redirecting While Maintaining Environment Variables
Handling Cookies
Sending Multiple Cookies with the mod_perl API
Sending Cookies in REDIRECT Responses
CGI::params in the mod_perlish Way
Sending Email from mod_perl
mod_rewrite in Perl
Setting PerlHandler Based on MIME Type
Singleton Database Handles
Terminating a Child Process on Request Completion

This appendix acts as a mini-cookbook for mod_perl. As we've mentioned many times in this book, the mod_perl mailing list is a terrific resource for anyone working with mod_perl. Many very useful code snippets and neat techniques have been posted to the mod_perl mailing list. In this appendix, we present the techniques that you will find most useful in your day-to-day mod_perl programming.