Stronghold is a secure SSL web server for Unix that allows you to give your web site full-strength, 128-bit encryption. It's a commercial product provided by Red Hat. See for more information.

To install Stronghold:

  1. First, build and install Stronghold without mod_perl, following Stronghold's installation procedure.

  2. Having done that, download the mod_perl sources:

    panic% lwp-download
  3. Unpack mod_perl:

    panic% tar xvzf mod_perl-1.xx.tar.gz
  4. Configure mod_perl with Stronghold (assuming that you have the Stronghold sources extracted to /usr/local/stronghold):

    panic% cd mod_perl-1.xx
    panic% perl Makefile.PL APACHE_SRC=/usr/local/stronghold/src \
  5. Build mod_perl:

    panic% make
  6. Before running make test, add your StrongholdKey to t/conf/httpd.conf. If you are configuring by hand, be sure to edit src/modules/perl/Makefile and uncomment the #APACHE_SSL directive.

  7. Test and install mod_perl:

    panic% make test
    panic# make install
  8. Install Stronghold:

    panic# cd /usr/local/stronghold
    panic# make install

Note for Solaris 2.5 Users

There has been a report that after building Apache with mod_perl, the the REGEX library that comes with Stronghold produces core dumps. To work around this problem, change the following line in $STRONGHOLD/src/Configuration:

Rule WANTHSREGEX=default



Now start the server:

panic# /usr/local/stronghold/bin/start-server

It's possible that the start script will have a different name on your platform.

You should see something like this in /usr/local/stronghold/logs/error_log:

[Sun May 19 11:54:39 2002] [notice]
StrongHold/3.0 Apache/1.3.24 (Unix) mod_perl/1.26
configured -- resuming normal operations