Assuming that your mod_perl server is listening on port 81, fetch

Embedded Perl version v5.6.1 for Apache/1.3.17 (Unix) mod_perl/1.25
process 9943, running since Fri Feb 9 17:48:50 2001

All the sections below are links when you view them through /perl-status:

Perl Configuration
Loaded Modules
Inheritance Tree
Enabled mod_perl Hooks
PerlRequire'd Files
Signal Handlers
Symbol Table Dump
ISA Tree
Compiled Registry Scripts

Here's what these sections show:

  • Perl Configuration is the same as the output from perl -V (loaded from

  • Loaded Modules shows the loaded Perl modules.

  • Inheritance Tree shows the inheritance tree of the loaded modules.

  • Enabled mod_perl Hooks shows all mod_perl hooks that were enabled at compile time.

  • Environment shows the contents of %ENV.

  • PerlRequire'd Files displays the files that were required via PerlRequire.

  • Signal Handlers shows the status of all signal handlers (using %SIG).

  • Symbol Table Dump shows the symbol table dump of all packages loaded in the process—you can click through the symbols and, for example, see the values of scalars, jump to the symbol dumps of specific packages, and more.

  • ISA Tree shows the ISA inheritance tree.

  • Compiled Registry Scripts shows Apache::Registry, Apache::PerlRun, and other scripts compiled on the fly.

From some menus you can move deeper to peek into the internals of the server, to see the values of the global variables in the packages, to see the cached scripts and modules, and much more. Just click around.

Remember that whenever you access /perl-status you are always inside one of the child processes, so you may not see what you expect, since this child process might have a different history of processed requests and therefore a different internal state. Sometimes when you fetch /perl-status and look at the Compiled Registry Scripts section you see no listing of scripts at all. Apache::Statusshows the registry scripts compiled in the httpd child that is serving your request for /perl-status; if the child has not yet compiled the requested script, /perl-status will just show you the main menu.